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Sera Myu Artists! A Graphics Community

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Sera Myu icons: Sailor Moon [ 5th Jan 2007 4:49pm]

25 Usagi/Moon Sera Myu icons
1 - Group F/O banner


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* Enjoy

(Real Justice, Sailor Moon.)

x-posted leik woah.
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Sera Myu actress icons [ 13th Dec 2006 10:56pm]

I recently made an icon post, consisting mainly of Sera Myu actresses (Asako, Fumina & Sanae). A couple of teasers below. Feedback and comments are always appreciated!


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Icons (xposted liek woah) [ 20th Nov 2006 10:26pm]

32 Sera Myu Icons
1 Sera Myu Friend's Only banner


(Vividly, Secretly, into La Soldier )
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icons by rumor_of_war [ 1st May 2006 3:00pm]

3 Mako/Neph
4 Sera Myu (Inner Senshi)

Commernt + Credit = Take
Blanks are NOT bases!

Sailor War
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New Community! [ 16th Nov 2005 12:00am]

[ mood | mellow ]

Ok, this post has been a long time in the making. Welcome to myu_artists! We're a graphics community dedicated to the Sera Myu. I'm superfirechild, owner and moderator of this community. Feel free to contact me, or my fellow co-mods shiokaze_senshi and shaylafitz if you have any questions. ^^

As an fellow addict to the myu, you can appreciate wanting more Sailor Moon fans to know more about the myu. This is why we wanted to create the community. It takes quite a special breed of fan to enjoy the Sailor Moon musicals. But since the myu is hard to find(or so it seems), this breed of fan do not get to see the beauty and amusement that is the Sera Myu. But with all of us working to bring in fans, we can gain more!

But what we're here for in this community is the visual appeal of the musicals. Like PGSM, the musicals have wonderful actors who bring our favorite Sailor Moon characters from the 2D world of the manga and anime to even more depth and characterization. And we want to celebrate them. So please, post with your graphics(or fanart!) of any sort. We want to see them. ^^

We've been debating for a while starting an icon/graphics contest(hence the contest rules in the user info.) We know the images available are a little bit limited compared to PGSM and the anime/manga, so we want to know what you think. Post a comment here if you like this idea. We're open to suggestions(and any links to myu image galleries...we want to create a list of links for people to browse for inspiration.)

- superfirechild

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OO OMG!! [ 30th Oct 2005 3:39pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Wow, I'm the first to post here XD
First, I'm Aqua Chan, a brand new addict to SeraMyu ^^!
My favorite Actress are Yuko Hosaka and Kawabe Chieko ^^!

[3] Icons
[1] Winamp Skin

It's not much, it's a beginning ^^!

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